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There is no charge for our junk metal pickup service, but if the material is not junk metal and must be landfilled, we charge a fee.

Did you know that in addition to our curb-side bulky waste pickup service, we also offer a free junk metal pickup for construction and demolition materials?

It’s true! If your business or home is undergoing clean up or you’ve just finished a project that has left you with scrap metal, junk car scrap and other metal items, don’t fret. We offer a free junk metal pickup service in Arizona as well as all of our service areas. These pesky little details are what make life interesting, aren’t they? Let’s see if we can help clarify things:

What is considered “junk metal?” What is junk metal? Junk metal is any metal that is not being used and is no longer of any value. This metal may be old appliances, steel beams, corrugated metal, junk vehicles, metal lathe, metal shavings, or any other scrap metal materials. The metal will be considered junk if it is not being used and has no value to the owner.

The good news is that there are places that will come to your home or business and pick this material up for recyclers. You can also use it as a form of payment for someone to come and remove the material from your property. When is the best time to schedule a free junk metal pickup? Typically, you’ll want to schedule a free junk metal pickup at a time when your employees are not so busy.
For example, it might be a good idea to schedule a free junk metal pickup any weekday or perhaps on a weekend.

We suggest calling about one day in advance to ensure that there is time for us to schedule the service at your convenience. What shouldn’t be included in your free junk metal pickup? - demolition debris - tires - liquid waste - trash. While there are many options for disposing of these, they don’t fall under the category of junk metal.

If you have tires you’d like to dispose of, you’ll want to contact us for disposal also. If you have liquid waste, such as paint, oil, or chemicals, you’ll want to make sure it’s in a secure location where it won’t leak out. We do pick up liquid waste, but it’s a hazard and has to be handled differently to protect our employees, customers and the environment.

How to request a free junk metal pickup? First, make sure that all of the junk metal materials on your property are not wet. If they are, make sure they are contained in a safe location where they will not leak onto surrounding surfaces. After this, contact our office and let us know that you’d like a free junk metal pickup. We’ll let you know when to expect us and how to prepare the materials for pickup.

What happens after you request a free junk metal pickup? Once you let us know that you’d like a free junk metal pickup, an employee from our company will come to your home or business and load the materials into one of our trucks. We will then take the materials to a recycling facility where they will be processed and reused to make new products.

Where does the material go after it’s picked up? After the free junk metal pickup, the materials will be recycled at a scrap metal processing facility. The facility will shred the materials into small pieces so that they can be melted down and turned into new products. Some examples of ways that the material will be used is to create new cars, machinery, or even new tools and equipment. The materials will be reused over and over again so that they don’t end up in a landfill where they will rust and rot.